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What's the story behind the name?

It feels like the most cliche way to start my very first blog post but is this not the first thought that comes to everyone's mind when traipsing upon a new business/blog/brand? There's something so curious and ironic about making one of the most intimate and personal details of a business be the most front and center detail of a business. The name is where you pour your passion into one or a few small words in hopes that it will catch attention, spark curiosity and offer a hint of what it's all about. The name Om Mommy did not come easy, was not the first name I spent hundreds of dollars on incorporating (oops....worry not indecisive business owners, Legal Zoom has a quick, easy, and probably not cost effective name-changing service) but it has become a name I am so proud of and one that continues to deepen in its roots and expand through its branches.

This might not make sense to most of you but I'm certain someone can relate. This website has sat unpublished for 2 years. Yep. In fact, I am finally publishing it 2 weeks before its termination date. By chance, or probably divine intervention...{or dare I credit my very millennial Doterra Motivate bath bomb?}...I became overwhelmed with a desire to go full speed ahead with publishing my website and putting my passion into fruition. Without further rabbit holes and needless complication, here is what the name Om Mommy is all about and what you can expect going forward with me :)

Most of you are familiar with, at the very least, the existence of the Sanskrit word Om. Here is where I attempt to provide understanding without entirely losing my audience or butchering crucial factual data. In short, Om is a word, a sound, a mantra, a vibration, an experience. Om represents all that was, all that is, and all that will be. It is the beginning, the middle, and the end. Past, present, and future. Birth, life, death.

When sounded out, it is AUM and not just three parts but four. A-U-M and the deep silence that follows its chant. Chanting Om creates a vibrational frequency that allows one to tap into their physical body and their deeper, subtle bodies. This chant creates focus, awareness and triggers a calming effect over the entire nervous system. The vibrations of each chant and each vowel within the chant travel from our conscious into our subconscious, especially as one drifts into the meditative silence that follows. This vibrational frequency connects each of us to all living things as vibration is at the root of all matter.

{I claim no expertise on the wealth of knowledge there is to be had on Om. I also fully acknowledge its roots in Hindu religion and yogic tradition and will do my humblest job not to disrespect it's origins by manipulating it into something that it isn't. If you'd like more information on Om in easy-to-understand, layman are some links I found helpful:}

I do, however, confidently believe in its connection to birth and motherhood through both its physical benefits and symbolic meaning. Om represents what was, what is and what will be. Pre-conception, conception, life. Motherhood, which is the birth of an entirely new woman and if we're being honest here, the death of the woman she once was. It can be a mantra to meditate on for calm and clarity, a means of vibrational connection between a mama and her baby and a deep tone with which a woman can birth her baby into this world (true story).

As a yoga teacher specializing in prenatal, postnatal and baby&me classes, a birth doula and a fortunate mama myself, Om Mommy felt like the perfect name to encompass all that impassions me.

Om Mommy embraces all that was, all that is and all that will be. I will use this platform to provide information and resources that benefit women in all stages of life from "I think maybe one day I might want a kid..maybe" through "SOS I had way too many" and everyone in between. Here you will read about life and loss, fertility and infertility, health and wellness, vaginas, boobs, bottles, ways to simplify motherhood, ways to ease labor and delivery, recipes and recommended products and so much more. Like I said at the beginning, its roots are deepening and its branches are ever stretching. I'm not sure what this all will become but my prayer is that God uses this platform as a space where maybe-one-day mamas and seasoned mamas alike can obtain nuggets of information and resources that can benefit them or someone they know. I will never claim expertise but I will promise you my loving support. Although each beautiful and meaningful in its own way, it's no secret that having babies is complicated, motherhood is complicated, and life itself is complicated. Finding answers, help and support in your season of motherhood should never be. May Om Mommy bring a step of ease to your journey.

With love and support,


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