There are not enough words to describe how incredible Sarah was at our birth. Both my husband and I felt so safe and supported by her for the entire length of my labor. Her intuition on what to do and where to be for us was spot on and she did not miss a beat. Sarah was there to allow my husband to really be there with me as well as rest and eat when he needed to. She applied body work and massage that helped me through some of the toughest contractions, and her words of encouragement felt so personal and suited to everything we had discussed in our prenatal appointments. And last but not least, the photos she took are amazing and will be cherished forever! We love you Sarah, thank you for everything!

Jessica F.

My husband and I took a birthing yoga workshop with Sarah before the birth of our sweet little boy. Sarah was such a peaceful and kind instructor, giving gentle corrections and support when needed (even with my non-yogi hubby who was not thrilled I had signed us up!) We left the workshop with tons of tips and tricks for pain management, birthing positions, and excitement for our upcoming journey together. Sarah’s warm & genuine presence make for an excellent teacher!

Emily V.

Sarah was there for me day and night, easing my anxiety and offering ideas and techniques that I had never considered. She helped me vocalize and express myself to my doctor and the nursing staff and was always very collected, humble and professional. Sarah's back massages through contractions were amazing! With her guidance and techniques, she helped me achieve my birth goals. I truly believe I would not have made it through without her!

Melodie D.

I took Sarah’s prenatal yoga class for several months during my second and third trimester and it was a life-saver! I was never EVER a yoga person, and was a little apprehensive in the beginning but Sarah is absolutely amazing. Whether it was back pain, sciatica, baby kicking me in the ribs, mental fatigue, etc. Sarah was able to provide some amazing exercises to help. Her techniques also were imperative during my labor process (and were quite handy when I was not able to get an epidural and needed some help!). She was also able to build a community of expecting moms that was super helpful as a first time mom, and helped put me at ease numerous times. Overall, I would highly recommend her class!

Jenny M.

Sarah was an invaluable part of the pregnancy, birth and post-partum experience with my daughter. During the months leading up to the birth, Sarah provided guidance that was specific to my needs and challenges. She took the time to understand my fears, address my concerns and provided solutions and alternatives that put my mind at ease. Sarah is a HUGE reason that the birth of my daughter was a successful unmedicated and natural one - she was hands-on, supportive, understanding, compassionate and, most importantly, knowledgeable. I could not have done it without her presence, and my husband and I are so thankful she was there during such an exhausting, emotional and beautiful journey. My daughter is now almost 5 months old and Sarah is still providing postpartum care! The one thing I can say about Sarah that sets her apart is that she treats each client differently and truly listens to and tailors her approach to the specific needs and desires of each individual client. She spends time with not only the mother to be, but also with dad-to-be and mom as a couple to ensure she is able to provide the care that is unique to you and your growing family.

Katie G.

Sarah was very attentive to the patient. The patient expressed deep gratitude for all that Sarah did. The hospital staff was happy to work with her. 

Brittany, Labor & Delivery Nurse


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